We take care of every step in the DVD production:


Project design and supervision:
creating content for DVD requires of a specific design and a well-thought flowchart that includes the preparation of all the different assets. We start out by putting together the ideas and the technical possibilities, and then we supervise the whole project, from Asset Preparation to Quality Control.

Video recording of live concerts:
anywhere from Digital Betacam to DVCAM (PAL-N or NTSC), we can set up any number of cameras for best coverage of the venue.

Audio recording of live concerts:
with surround sound in mind, we provide the best tools and the highest expertise in multichannel audio recording.

Video post-production:
off-line editing in two state-of-the-art digital workstations, operated by arguably the most experienced video editors in town.

Audio mixing:
whether it is a 5.1 (surround) or a 2.0 (stereo) final mix, our Mixing Engineer will get the most out of it, in a digital console capable of 16/20/24 bits and 48/96/192 KHz. We can even produce a 5.1 mix out of an originally stereo mix!

Audio mastering:
we run the only audio mastering studio in LatinAmerica with full 5.1 capabilities, where the biggest projects come to get the finishing touch. There is really no better place to master audio for DVD.

Video and audio encoding:
using top notch encoding hardware and software, we make sure the image and sound of the DVD is well protected, and truly indistinguishable from the originals.

Menus design and animation:
a team of experts give to our final products the professional look in a very creative way. Random menus, complex multi-layer animations in After Effects® or Flash® , innovative still presentations in PhotoShop® ... Anything is possible.

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the one part that makes the DVD experience truly enjoyable. A well authored disc should be completely user-friendly in a very interactive fashion. It is our responsibility to produce titles that are not just a translation from linear video, but a whole new way of entertaining the viewer.

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we can handle all kinds of formats, from DLT Master Tapes and DVD-R reference discs to single files delivered thru the Internet, like MPEG-2 encoded video, AC-3 and DTS encoded audio, Quick Time Pro movies and After Effects or Flash Animations that can be used as preliminary reference before the actual Master print.




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